Umi no oyado



We are offering various facilities and developing it so that we can have convenient and comfortable time for everyone staying.

for fishing base

There is an ocean behind the inn and it is best for a fishery fishery! Also nearby is a funeral merchant shop.

Preparing cycle station

We are planning to install a cycle station at the ocean’s inn now. Cyclists People please wait for a while.

Leisure base at cheap price

Let’s prepare for leisure tomorrow in a room with sea view.

By car, by train, convenient access

It is a good location with a 5-minute drive from the Susami South Interchange and a 1-minute walk from Esumi Station.

Lounge with all facilities

Ranges, pots and many other facilities are available.

Complete Private Room

We are currently planning a capsule bed equipped with soundproofing and air conditioning functions, which can prepare the next day without disturbing those in the same room.