●  Proud room  ●

All guest rooms at Umino-Yado are ocean view rooms overlooking the sea. Convenient and comfortable room with TV, refrigerator and air conditioning. Soothing tiredness and preparing for leisure while enjoying superb views, the sound of the waves and the scent of the tide gently wrap around.

〇Western-style room Single room / Double room

〇Japanese-style room Double room / Quadruple room / 6 people Room

Please let us know at the time of booking.

※Do not use fire in all rooms. If you smoke, please use the designated smoking space.



Western-style room

Western-style room Price:3500 yen

Japanese style double room

Japanese style double room Price:3500 yen per person

Japanese-style room for 6 people

Japanese-style room for 6 people Price:3500円 yen per person

Western-style double room

Western-style double room Price:3500 yen per person

Japanese-Style Quadruple Room

Japanese-Style Quadruple Room Price:3500円 yen per person

Room amenity


Room amenit

·Hand towel
·bath towel

※Please refrain from taking out towels and bath towels.